Based out of Golden, Colorado, Ramble is a team that shares a common mission to create consistently awesome outdoor experiences camping with family and friends. Together, we want to do our part to help make the outdoors a welcoming and fun space for all.

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Our founder, Matt Oesterle, took a road trip with his family and stayed in traditional parking-lot-style campgrounds for the first time. Compared to his many experiences backpacking and camping in more remote places, he found the experience of being on top of each other in paved parking lots to be terrible and lacked the experience of being in nature.


This turn of events led to conversations with outdoor-minded friends and family and the insight that there wasn’t a great national brand with nature-focused campgrounds. The result was Ramble, born in an effort to bring a great outdoor camping experience to all Americans.


Matt Oesterle, founder of Ramble


Team marking surveyed areas at Ramble at Great Sand Dunes campground


With our initial team in place, Ramble breaks ground in Mosca, Colorado to begin construction and turn vision into reality.


The grand opening of our flagship campground — Ramble at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Mosca, Colorado. Meanwhile, we’re developing additional locations including Mesa Verde National Park and Buena Vista.


Sangre de Cristo mountain range


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You can expect a Ramble campground within an hour of every metropolitan city within the United States. Each will be designed to accommodate various camping experiences and be inhabited by a diverse, welcoming and environmentally focused group of humans.


We work in partnership with exceptional individuals who are influencing the outdoor industry and community. Their journeys, narratives, and personal successes are an important part of what's happening in outdoor recreation.

Phil Henderson

A native of California, Philip has worked in the outdoor industry for almost three decades. His passion for outdoor recreation, education and climbing has provided him with opportunities to travel and climb around the world. He has been on several major expeditions including Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya. Most recently, in May 2022, he led the first all African American expedition team to successfully summit Mount Everest.

As an educator he has assisted in training guides, rangers and porters on several expeditions. In 2012 Philip was a member and team leader of the North Face/National Geographic Everest Education Expedition, became one of few African Americans to summit Denali in 2013 and led an all African American ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro in 2018. He is the recipient of the Outdoor Afro 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sasha DiGiulian

Sasha DiGiulian is a pro rock climber and double Female Overall World Champion. Sasha’s global travels have yielded over thirty first and female-first ascents. Simultaneous to her climbing feats, Sasha is the founder of SEND Bars, a nutritious energy bar venture, and the author of "Take The Lead," chronicling her journey in a male-dominated field, which is releasing in September 2023. Sasha is an advocate to gender equality in sports and contributes to the Women's Sports Foundation and International Federation of Sport Climbing boards.

Ramble is excited and grateful to have Sasha DiGiulian as a brand ambassador. She champions Ramble’s core value that camping and outdoor sports are for everyone. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors irrespective of their income level, ethnicity, background and/or identity. We’re excited to work with Sasha as a part of Ramble’s commitment to making sure our campgrounds and enjoying the outdoors are accessible and welcoming to all.

Tommy Caldwell

Tommy Caldwell is a husband, father and professional rock climber with an incredible resume of first accents, including the first traverse of the Fitz Traverse in Patagonia and the first free ascent of El Capitan's legendary Dawn Wall.

Tommy's influence is felt beyond monumental climbs. His more recent endeavors are dedicated to protecting the environment and inspiring the outdoor community to rally behind combating climate change.

Ramble is thrilled to have Tommy as a brand ambassador. He champions Ramble’s commitments to Leave No Trace and Sustainable Materials & Practices. We believe that Ramble has a role in education on responsible outdoor ethics and ensuring sustainability and waste reduction at all our campgrounds. We’re excited to work with Tommy as a part of Ramble’s commitment to making sure our campgrounds preserve their natural environments.

Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl is a photographer and content creator who divides his time between Whitefish, Montana and his home country, France. His adventurous spirit influences his work in outdoor media, seen in National Geographic, Outside Magazine, and Gentlemen's Journal. Alex is a Canon Explorer of Light member, Vaurnet Fellow and Salomon ambassador. Beyond the lens, Strohl takes on the role of Director of Content at Siena Valley Club, further solidifying his influencer in visual storytelling.

Ramble is delighted to have Alex Strohl as a brand ambassador. He champions Ramble’s value ‘by campers for campers’ as he brings authentic stories of camping to life. We’re excited to work with Alex as a part of Ramble’s commitment to invite a new kind of camping for everyone.


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